The Loopy Library brings you a range of full color, educational and entertaining, printable PDF puzzle pages for kids aged 8 years +

These pages have appeared in over 80 publications throughout the world, and now they are available to download for personal use at home.

The pages include word games, quiz questions, facts and trivia - a fun and engaging experience for all!

Suitable for anyone looking for road trip activities for kids, fun worksheets for homeschooling, printable activities, educational activities, or printable word puzzles for kids.

Gain full access to all printable pages for only $4.99 per month


Frequently Asked Questions

Loopy Library Membership costs only $4.99 per month which gives you access to download up to 20 puzzle pages per month.

All payments are made through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account.

PayPal supports a large number of credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner's Club, and others.

As you are paying through PayPal, a secure service, we do not store any of your financial details.

Membership allows you to download up to 20 pages per month. Any unused downloads will not be carried over to the next month. 

The billing cycle is every 31 days, starting from the day you sign up. Each month upon payment you have a fresh quota of 20 downloads.

As some of the puzzles, word games and quizzes in the Loopy Library can be challenging, we would suggest they are suitable for children aged 8 years +.

The topics covered are varied and present facts and information that isn't always common knowledge and can often be quite obscure, so even parents have found they learn something too!

As the pages and puzzles are mostly word-based, they also make great worksheets for those learning english as a second language, at an intermediate to advanced level.

Yes, we offer a free sample page for you to try out before deciding on signing up for membership.

Click here to download the free page.

No, these pages are not suitable for tablet or computer use as they need to be printed out on paper to be worked on.

Yes, you will need to own a printer (or have access to one) in order to print off the pages.

File format is High Resolution Pdf (300dpi). File size is in inches (height x width).

Full Page 14.17″ x 10.62″

Half page 7.48″ x 10.55″

These pages were originally designed for newspaper publications at these sizes, however both Full Pages and Half Pages are suitable to be printed on Letter size paper for home use.

We have found the puzzles to be suitable for kids 8 years or older, so they do require a basic level of education to be competent enough to complete the puzzles, and the difficulty level varies throughout the pages.

Click here to download a free sample page to try out.

A membership is required for access to the pages, but we also offer some packs as one-off purchases such as our 50 States Pack.

A free sample page is available which can be accessed by clicking here.

Simply go to your Account Dashboard page and under Download History, click on 'View Full Details'.

This section will expand to show you all pages you have previously downloaded, and these can be downloaded again without affecting your monthly quota.

There is no minimum contract so your billing subscription can be canceled at any time. You will still be able to continue to access your downloads and use up your allocated download quota until the end of the billing cycle.

To cancel your membership, go to your Account Dashboard and click 'Cancel' under Manage Subscription.


  • Kids Aged 8 Years +

  • Fun for adults too!

  • Students learning the English language

  • Homeschool Worksheets

  • Road Trip/Travel Activities



50 Pages for only $12.50

Get a great value pack of 50 pages based on the theme of the 50 states of the USA, one for each state, for only $12.50.

A one-off purchase, no subscription necessary.

Full of fun facts and challenging word puzzles!


Jennifer Wilson

New York

"A friend recommended the Loopy Library pages after telling her I was looking for ways to reduce the time my 9-year-old son spends on his mobile and playing computer games. She said her son enjoyed the pages so I figured i'd try them out. I'm so glad I did as he will now happily spend an hour or more doing these puzzle pages instead of being glued to a screen, and he is always impressing me with facts about things he has learned afterwards! He is working his way through the pages now without having to be encouraged. Highly recommend for any parent in a similar situation."

Jack Meadows


"My son has ADHD so finds it hard to retain focus on certain activities, so we are lucky to have found The Loopy Library as he has no problem keeping his attention fixed on these pages. He loves to learn new things and these pages definitely deliver on that front, plus the word puzzles are challenging enough for him without being too difficult. It provides us with something to occupy him with in the evenings that doesn't involve the TV or computer which is great."

Amy Jackson


"While searching the internet for printable puzzles suitable for our child, we stumbled upon The Loopy Library and could see straight away that these pages were much better quality than the other pages available out there. We tried a free sample page and our daughter enjoyed it so much that she asked for more, so we were happy to sign up for membership for full access to all pages. The attention to detail in these is very impressive and we love the fact they are educational puzzles - even I learn something new from most of the pages!"

Rob Carter


"We have started to homeschool our 2 kids so we are always on the hunt for suitable materials and we are lucky to have found The Loopy Library. These pages work well as a fun activity to do at any time of day and we will sit down with them afterwards to discuss the topics presented on the pages and use them as the basis for further research, so they have become a great asset in our household during school hours and well worth the subscription."


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